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what animal(s) do you guys see me as? i know i don't have that many watchers here but i'm hoping i can get some responses for... scientific purposes...!!! literally can be any animal, whatever you think of when you think of me. what am i
just a reminder that i have an account for stamps and adopts! primarily stamps, but occasionally i will post adopts! i make dividers too sometimes
it's SinfulPancake 
here are some of my favorite stamps i've made;

022 by SinfulPancake  017 by SinfulPancake  019 by SinfulPancake

and i take requests btw (; you just gotta provide the pics (try to make sure they're proper dimensions that can translate easily to a stamp without looking distorted, there are some images i can't work with)
i lowkey wanna do fun "what if" breedings in my free time so if you wanna see what some kids between our sonas would look like drop refs here
they're free since they're not technically real lmao, it's just for fun!
also i know i've done a journal like this before but this one is a lil different

i'm only gonna do big cats & deer so no canines or anything cause interspecies complicates things
so if your sona is not either of those just send me another of your characters haha

also i will only do these in my free time so it may be a while before it gets done

anyway here they are : D
Ivyyj by softcrows - Willow
OFFICIAL REF by softcrows - Finn
also i'ma do zeke too since he's a stud and he needs more fake babies i guess
Wanaasi by softcrows
(specify which big cats ya want cubs with. or both if you want them with both!)

so send me your big cat & deer characters and i'll do some things B)
also gender doesn't matter
I hate journals like these but I really want these guys to go to new homes. Kinda desperate, actually!
Everyone in this folder is for sale. All extra art is credited, and if they weren't designed by me, their designers are also credited.

1. I am looking for USD or points only. I highly prefer USD over points, but I'll consider point equivalents as well.
2. Everyone is up for offer, so you offer on who you want in this journal. I'm pretty reasonable and negotiable, we can work something out. Just comment what you can pay.
3. Once you pay, they're yours to do with as you please. Change them however you want, resell them, idc! 
4. Comment either below or on the file with who you want and what your offer is!
Okay, so I'm going to try and remember to go through all the things that have happened/are happening this past two weeks and in the near future. There's a lot. And some of it is pretty serious. I'd recommend reading all, but if you want to just read the most important part, it is the last paragraph.
(Also, this is NOT an April Fool's joke. I only realized after I posted it that it could be misconstrued. I'm 100% not joking in any part of this journal.)

So, two weeks ago, I got really sick. What I had is kinda personal but it was a viral infection and I was often hopped up on meds, but still the pain was too great that I couldn't eat. I didn't eat solid food for a whole week because of lesions in my mouth and throat and on my gums. I also had really high fevers that made me delirious and I missed most of school that week. I lost a lot of weight and a lot of strength, but it did eventually pass and I have been able to eat for a few days now. My gums are actually still sore and healing, but they will soon be fully healed. 

As you already know, I started work in fast food service. So far I've only been working the grill. I can safely say that I hate it, lmao. I'm looking for a new job already. Until then I'm probably stuck with it, but I do need better hours because I need more sleep for school. I'm looking for something in retail or, ideally, a pet store (there aren't many around here that aren't 18+). But not this. I have insane hours right now and I'm technically on my spring break but practically not. I make minimum wage so I'm not too happy with it, but whatever. It's the experience, right? At least I tried it and know it's not for me and I'm motivated to find another job.

Yesterday I went to Comic Con for the first time, and it was awesome! This is the healthiest and happiest I've been in a while, but it sapped a lot of my energy! I had all weekend off, I go back to work tomorrow. It was my first convention ever, and it was so much fun. I went with my brother and his girlfriend, and I was away from home for two days. I didn't meet any of the celebrities there but I bought a couple of prints and I saw a lot of cool cosplayers and pet some cool reptiles. I had a lot of fun. After the con we went to a soccer game. I stayed with my brother in his apartment the whole time and when we weren't doing stuff we were just chilling watching Adventure Time.

Also... I visited the pet store while I was in Indianapolis and I saw a bird there that I absolutely fell in love with. I'm considering driving all the way back just to get him (her?) after my first paycheck lol. I'm... thinking about it... [thinking emoji]

Unfortunately something else health-related has come up. On Friday morning, I woke up with a butterfly rash on my face. For those who don't know, butterfly rash is a facial rash that tends to have serious implications, and it is a tell-tale symptom of an autoimmune disorder called lupus. We'd never really considered the idea that I might have lupus before, but after doing research... it really looks like I do. It can be brought on by the viral infection that I had, and symptoms are often aggravated by stress, which... I spent approximately 50% of last week in tears. So. It's safe to say I was pretty stressed.
I've had a lot of other symptoms that have plagued me (seemingly without explanation) for all of my life and that would make sense under this diagnosis. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow for blood tests and such to determine whether or not I have it, but I probably won't know for a while the results of the test. I'll update with a new journal when I get the results, whether positive or negative, or if I have something else. Either way, something is not right with my body, and even small infections could be really dangerous to me right now so I'm trying to play it safe and be careful. My family on my mother's side also has a history of lupus and some women have had it so aggressively that they were unable to have children.
If it happens to come back positive that I do have lupus, and it is now active, it will seriously affect my life. So this is pretty important... and it's a little scary for me.

At an aside, here are some pictures from the con! Including the prints I got. (I don't know who any of the cosplayers are, but if you would happen to know them... lemme know. The Fallout couple was so sweet, idk who they are but I'd die to find them.)

Cc1 by softcrows Cc2 by softcrows Cc9 by softcrows Cc8 by softcrows Cc7 by softcrows Cc6 by softcrows Cc5 by softcrows Cc4 by softcrows Cc3 by softcrows
1. Real Name: Jae / Finn
2. Nickname(s): Jar, Pebble, Pebs, Peebs
3. Zodiac Sign: Virgo
4. Male Or Female: NB
5. Elementary: I'll do what Jenna did and tell ya the mascot. Cardinals
6. Middle School: Wild cats
7. High School: Tigers
8. Hair Color: Red
9. Long Or Short: Medium
10. Loud Or Quiet: Quiet
11. Sweats Or Jeans: Jeans
12. Phone Or Camera: Camera for actual photography obv but phone for everything else
13. Health Freak: Nah
14. Drink Or Smoke: No
15. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: hmmm?
16. Political orientation: Pretty left-leaning
17. Piercings: Nostril and both earlobes
18. Tattoos: None... YET but for my bday probably

19. Airplane: Yep
20. Car Accident: Nope
21. Fist Fight: No

22. First piercing: Ears when I was a baby
23. First Best Friend: Idk
24. First Instrument played: Piano
25. First award: Academic shite
26. First Crush: Elisha lmao I was a late bloomer for crushes (I was 14)
27. First Language: English
28. First Big Vacation: I think South Carolina? Dunno

29. Last Person You Talked To: Josh
30. Last Person You Texted: Jarron
31. Last Person You Watched: idk
32. Last Food You Ate: I DON'T REMEMBER
33. Last Movie You Watched: The Lion King :' )
34. Last Song You listened To: Waking Lions by Pop Evil
35. Last Thing You Bought: I don't remember I haven't bought anything for a while
36. Last Person You Hugged: My little cousin

37. Food: Right now this is a tough question cause I'm fucking starving and love everything right now
38. Drinks: Water, kombucha
39. Clothing: I give 0 shits about clothing
40. Book: The Book Thief
41. Color: Red
42. Flower: Idk I do like roses
43: Music: Musical music or 80's or 40's
44. Movies: The Lion King, IT, Donnie Darko, idk I like a lot of movies
45. Shoes: idc
46. Subjects: History

47. [] Kissed In The Snow
48. [x] Celebrated Halloween 
49. [] Had Your Heart Broken
50. [] Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone
51. [x] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation
52. [x] Came Outta The Closet
53. [] Gotten Pregnant
54. [] Had An Abortion
55. [x] Done Something You've Regretted
56. [] Broke A Promise
57. [x] Kept A Secret
58. [x] Pretended To Be Happy 
59. [x] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life 
60. [] Pretended To Be Sick
61. [] Left The Country 
62. [ ] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
63. [x] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
64. [ ] Ran A Mile
65. [x] Went To The Beach
66. [ ] Stayed Single

67. Eating: Nothing
68. Drinking: Nothing
69. Getting Ready To: Maybe take a nap cause I'm knackered
70. Listening To: Nothing
71. Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Go to school :\
72. Waiting For: Spring break, even tho I'll probably work all week lol

73. Want Kids: No
74. Want To Get Married: Yes
75. Careers in mind: Something to do with animals. That's all I know. Prob zoo vet

76. Lips Or Eyes: Eyes
77. Shorter Or Taller: Taller
78. Romantic Or Spontaneous: Both
79. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms: Stomach
80. Sensitive Or Loud: Sensitive
81. Hookup Or Relationship: Relationship
82. Troublemaker Or Hesitant: Troublemaker to balance me out

83. Lost Glasses/Contacts: No
84. Ran Away From Home: No
85. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: No
86. Killed Somebody: No
87. Broken Someone's Heart: Don't think so?
88. Been Arrested: No

90. Yourself: No sorry
91. Miracles: Idk not really
92. Love At First Sight: No
93. Heaven: No
94. Santa Claus: No
96. Magic: Yes

97. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: yeah!
98. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: I guess
99. Do You Believe In God: No
100. Post As 100 Truths And Tag five People: no u
trust me i'm more active there lmao
my twitter is softcrows and it's generally for furry endeavours and fandom posting and other random things
my instagram is jae.burd and that's pretty much daily life
i'm still posting here of course but yeah i'm very active on these two sites!

also you can friend me on playstation network by the name of BoopleSnootles. and my steam account is softcrows!
jenna reminded me this was a thing and made me want to do this again, so if you feel like giving me a compliment or confessing your undying love for me or sending anon hate!! Go Ahead
001. What is your name?: Jae / Finn
002. Spell your name backwards: eaj / nnif
003. Date of birth: September 19, 2000
004. Male or female?: nonbinary gal
005. Astrological sign: virgo
006. Nicknames: pebble/peebs/pebs
007. Occupation?: unemployed
008. Height: 5'1"
009. Weight: i don't remember and i don't want to check
010. Hair color: ginger
011. Eye color: grey
012. Where were you born?: indiana
013. Where do you reside now?: indiana
014. Age: 17
015. Screen names: softcrows, softcrow, jae.burd
016. E-mail: no
017. *coughcoughDeviantArtMemecoughcough*: what
018. What is your LJ name?: i don't know what this means
019. What does your diary name stand for?: what
020. Pets: i personally have a cockatiel and a fish, but the household has two dogs, two cats, two bearded dragons, and thirteen chickens
021. Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake?: we never have candles
022. Piercings?: 3
023. Tattoos?: 0
024. Shoe size: idk small
025. Righty or lefty: righty
026. Wearing: black shirt with roses on it and and jeans
027. Hearing: Friends, and my bird singing
028. Feeling: tired
029. Eating/drinking: nothing

061. Have you ever been in love?: yes
062. How many people have you told "I love you"?: a few
063. How many people have you been in love with?: one
064. How many people have you kissed?: none
065. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?: no
066. How many people have you dated?: five
067. What do you look for in a guy/girl?: idk
068. What's the first thing you notice about someone?: idk
069. What type of guy/girl do you usually go for?: i don't know?? i'm bad at relationships
070. Do you have a bf/gf?: no
071. If so where did you meet them?: n/a
072. What do you like most about your bf/gf?: n/a
073. Do you have a crush right now?: sorta, it's nothing serious and nothing i want to pursue though. 
074. If so, who is it?: her name is hannah
075. Do you believe in love at first sight?: no
076. Do you remember your first love?: yes
077. Who is the first person you kissed?: n/a
078. Do you believe in fate?: idk i guess
079. Do you believe in soul mates?: no
080. If so do you believe you'll ever find yours?: no

104. How many siblings do you have?: two
105. What are your parents names?: why
106. What are your siblings names?: why
107. How many siblings does your mother have?: 1
108. How many siblings does your father have?: 1
109. Where are your parents from?: kansas and indiana
110. Is your family close?: i guess
111. Does your family get together for holidays?: yeah
112. Do you have a drunk uncle?: no
113. Any medical problems run through your family?: heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and LOTS of mental illness : )
114. Does someone in your family wear a toupee?: no
115. Do you have any nieces or nephews?: no
116. Are your parents divorced?: no
117. Do you have step parents?: no
118. Has your family ever disowned another member of your family?: not that i know of
120. Did some of your family come to America from another country?: i mean, somewhere down the line, but not any time recently

121. What song do you swear was written about you or your life?: idk
122. What's the most embarrassing cd you own?: i don't have cds
123. What's the best cd you own?: n/a
124. What song do you absolutely hate?: fucking every rap and country song
125. Do you sing in the shower?: not anymore
126. What song reminds you of that special someone?: none

152. Color: red
153. Food: cheese
154. Song: i don't think i have one
156. School subject: history
157. Band/singer: the cure
158. Animal: I LIKE ALL OF THEM WHYY... any big cat, but specifically lions
159. Outfit: anything comfortable
160. Radio station: 101.1
161. Movie: IT
162. Pair of shoes: i have this pair of black boots that i wear everywhere
163. Cartoon: futurama
166. Potato chip: not really a chip but i like cheez-its
167. Drink: water, or any strawberry/lemon/raspberry kombuchas
168. Alcoholic drink: hell if i know
169. Holiday: halloween!! <3
170. Perfume/Cologne: i don't wear any
171. Pizza topping: mushroom
172. Jello flavor: don't eat jello
173. Lunch meat: don't eat lunch meat
174. Board game: monopoly, the capitalism game
175. Video game: I LOVE SO MANY,, but probably a bethesda game. morrowind, oblivion, skyrim, or any of the fallouts
176. Website: twitter
177. Book: hmmm tough one. the book thief
178. Computer game: if we talking about JUST computer games, like the ones on those online arcades... peasant's quest
179. Number: 8
180. Cereal: i don't eat cereal
181. Comedian: n/a
182. Dessert: ice cream
183. Disney character: nala
184. Clothing store: n/a
185. Past time: video games
186. Teacher: n/a
187. Childhood toy: n/a
188. Carnival game/ride: n/a
189. Candy bar: kit-kat
190. Magazine: n/a
191. Salad dressing: balsamic & vinegar
192. Thing to do on the weekend: go out to eat
193. Hot drink: coffee
194. Season: autumn
195. Sport to watch: american football
196. Person to talk to online: idk

197. What color are your sheets?: grey
198. What color are your bedroom walls?: blue
199. Do you have posters on your wall?: pulp fiction poster, django unchained poster, grey wardens poster, some vintage propaganda
200. If so of what?: ^
201. Do you have a tv in your bedroom?: yes
202. How many pillows are on your bed?: four
203. What do you normally sleep in?: clothes
204. Describe your favorite pair of pajamas: i literally only have one
205. What size bed do you have?: twin
206. Do you have a waterbed/bunkbed/daybed?: regular bed
207. Do you have your own phone line in your bedroom?: omg how old is this meme
208. Do you listen to music while trying to fall asleep?: no
210. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?: i have a lynx one that @/kit-kaboodii sent me
211. How many people can comfortably sleep in your bed?: definitely only one. and maybe like. one dog. or two cats
212. Do you sleep in any unusual positions?: yeah LMAO
213. Do you have to share your bedroom with a sibling?: i used to
214. Do you snore?: no
215. How about drool?: no
216. Do you have an alarm clock in your room?: no
217. What color is the carpet in your room?: tan
219. Coke/Pepsi: don't drink soda
220. Doughnuts/bagels: bagels
221. Day/night: night
222. Wicked witch of the east/wicked witch of the west: of the west because that's elphaba
223. Heaven/hell: fake bitches
224. Make love/have sex: make love
225. Coffee/tea: coffee
226. Hamburgers/hotdogs: neither
227. Rap/rock: rock
228. Britney/Christina: britney
229. Swiss cheese/american cheese: swiss
230. Real World/Road Rules: what is this
231. Backstreet Boys/N*sync: backstreet boiz
232. Silver/gold: silver
233. Nike/Adidas: idc
234. McDonalds/Taco Bell: neither!!
235. Sweet/sour: sour
236. Punk/emo: punk
237. Hot/cold: neither
238. Winter/summer: summer
239. Spring/fall: fall
240. Operas/plays: plays
241. Read/watch tv: depends on my mood and motivation
242. Cd's/tapes: neither
243. Dvd's/vhs: dvds
244. Old/New: both have their perks
245. Shorts/skirts: shorts
246. Pink/red: red
247. Colored pictures/black and white photos: again, both have their perks
248. Meat/vegetables: veggies
249. Mexican food/chinese food: chinese
250. Commercials/infomercials: what
251. Scary movies/comedies: scary
252. Bikinis/one piece bathing suits: one piece
253. Sandals/tennis shoes: depends on the weather
254. Dogs/cats: cats
255. Unicorns/fairies: unicorns?
256. Water/land: land
257. Sugar/spice: sugar
258. Black/white: black
259. Ribbons/bows: ribbons
260. Chicken/beef: neither
261. Colored christmas lights/regular white christmas lights: white
262. Cars/trucks: cars
263. Austin Powers/James Bond: austin powers
265. Hip/hop: what
266. Passionate kiss/peck: eughh
267. WWE wrestling/ real wrestling: nno 
268. Back rub/foot massage: NOOO
269. Picture frames/photo albums: either
270. Pens/pencils: pens

271. Eminem: i have no opinion on him. seems like a cool guy. rap isn't my genre though
272. Virgins: do people actually have opinions on... virgins. like what is there to think. they just haven't had sex yet
273. God: shrugs
274. The Osbournes: Gross
275. Reality TV: it's whatever
276. J.Lo: don't know anything about her
277. Religion: i fucking hate organized religion, but religion/spirituality itself is fine
278. Emo music: cool
279. Valentine's Day: cool
280. Christina Aguilera's comeback: don't care
281. Homosexuals: cool
282. Abortion: pro-choice
283. Inter-racial relationships: cool
284. Murder: bad
285. Death: it happens to everyone and there's no reason to be scared
286. Obesity: whatevs
287. Pre-marital sex: none of my business
288. Terrorism: bad
289. Pornography: thumbs up emoji
290. Fortune tellers: cool
291. Threesomes: cool
292. Prostitution: dangerous, but if it wasn't so dangerous, cool
293. Politics: ugh
294. Country music: hate It
295. George W. Bush: idk
296. Cloning: whatevs
298. Gas prices in America: Too High

299. Jack: jack sparrow omfg
300. Tiffany: friend's friend
301. Ben: ben hanscom
302. Maria: nothing comes to mind
304. Nicole: middle name
305. Amy: poehler
306. Adam: n/a
307. Richard: richie tozier
308. Justin: n/a
309. Arnold: n/a
310. Tom: togikun
311. Melissa: n/a
312. Charlotte: @/Assaara and @/radpng simultaneously
313. Harold: n/a
314. John: n/a
315. Joel: my character
316. Vanessa: n/a
317. Michelle: n/a
318. Kevin: kevin droniak
319. Brent: n/a
320. Jake: friend from school
322. Sarah: @/hedwig68
323. Natalie: friend <3
324. Christy: n/a
325. Nick: n/a
326. Linda: n/a
327. Taylor: ex
328. Jordan: n/a
329. Jaime: lannister
330. Adrian: n/a

331. Mooned anyone?: no
332. Been on a diet?: yeah
333. Been to a foreign country?: yes
334. Broken a bone?: yes
335. Swallowed a tooth/cap/filling?: no
336. Swear at a teacher?: no
337. Talked to an LJ member via e-mails or instant messages?: no
338. Got in a fight?: yes
339. Dated a teacher?: no wtf
340. Laughed so hard you peed your pants?: no
341. Thought about killing your enemy?: totally
342. Gone skinny dipping?: no
343. Met another LJ member in the flesh?: no
344. Told a little white lie?: yes 
345. Told a secret you swore not to tell?: yes
346. Used a foreign object to masturbate?: no
347. Misused a swear word?: yes
348. Been on tv?: no
349. Been on the radio?: no
350. Been in a mosh pit?: no
351. Been to a concert?: yes
352. Dated one of your best friends?: yes
353. Loved someone so much it makes you cry?: Yes
354. Deceived somebody close to you?: yes
356. Been to a rodeo?: no
357. Been on a talk show?:  no
358. Been on a game show?: no
359. Been on an airplane?: yes
360. Got to ride on a firetruck?: yes
361. Came close to dying?: not really
362. Cheated on a bf/gf?: no
363. Gave someone a piggy back ride?: no
364. Terrorized a babysitter?: no
365. Made a mud pie??: yes
366. Had a dream that you're falling off a cliff?: yes
367. Snuck out of the house at night?: no
368. Been so drunk you don't remember your name?: no
369. Had an eating disorder?: yes
370. Felt like you didn't belong?: yes
371. Felt like the 3rd wheel?: yes
372. Smoked?: no
373. Done drugs?: huh
374. Stolen money from a poor person begging on the street?: no
375. Had your tonsils removed?: no
376. Gone to camp?: yes
377. Won a bet?: yes
378. Written a love letter?: actually yeah lmao
379. Gone out of your way to be with the one you love?: sorta
380. Written a love poem?: no
381. Kissed in the rain?: no
382. Slow danced with someone you love: God I Wish That Were Me
383. Participated in cyber sex?: unfortunately
384. Faked an orgasm?: no
385. Stolen a kiss?: no
386. Asked a friend for relationship advice?: yes
387. Had a friend steal your bf/gf?: no
388. Watched the sunset/rise with someone you love?: no
389. Gotten a speeding ticket?: no
390. Done jail time?: no
391. Had to wear a uniform to work?: no
392. Won a trophy?: yes
393. Thrown up in public?: no
394. Bowled a perfect game?: no
395. Failed/got held back?: no
396. Got perfect attendance in grade school?: no
397. Roasted pumpkin seeds?: yes
398. Taken ballet lessons?: no

401. Did you play with Barbies?: no
402. Did you own Treasure Trolls?: no
403. Did you watch Beverly Hills 90210?: no
404. Did you play Simon Says?: yes
405. Did you watch: watched what
406. Did you wet the bed?: yea
407. Did you believe there were monsters in your closet or under your bed?: yeah
408. Did you wear the underwear with the days of the week on them?: yeah but i forgot about them until just now whaaat how nifty
409. Were you shy?: yes
410. Were you spoiled?: yes
411. Were you abused?: fucking Don't
412. Did you go to the circus?: yes i was in it
413. Did you go to the zoo?: yes
414. Were you in a car accident?: no
415. Did you build snowmen?: yes
416. Did you cry when you scraped your knee?: i scraped my knee but i never cried
417. Were your older cousins mean to you?: yeah but not like seriously mean just kinda like sibling mean
418. Did you think slinkies were cool?: yes
419. Did you think the Ninja Turtles really lived in the sewers?: nah
420. Were you afraid of the dark?: yeah
421. Did you have slumber parties?: not a lot, mostly just with my cousin
422. Did you have New Kids On The Block sheets, curtains, sleeping bags, dolls and pajamas?: not my timeframe unfortunately
423. Did you tease your hair out like Tiffany?: no
424. Did you believe in the Easter Bunny/Santa Claus/ and the Tooth Fairy?: yeah

425. Do you believe in aliens?: yes
426. Name 3 things that are next to your computer: Chip the fish, fish food, jar of change
427. Do you have any hidden talents?: i can whistle really well. i can make the predator noise from predator. uh that's it lmao nothing useful
428. Do you wish MTV would play music videos?: idc
429. If you were to star in a movie, what kind of movie would it be?: i would want it to be a musical but i can't sing so
430. What would your movie star name be?: idk
431. Do you play any sports?: no
432. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?: i don't get scared of movies
433. What is the best movie you've seen in the theater or rented recently?: uhhhh well i saw the greatest showman today and i loved it!
434. What is the dumbest movie you've ever seen?: kung fury. also there was this one movie i watched with charlotte like last summer i think but i can't remember what it was called it was like a kung fu movie
435. Do you drive?: yes
436. What is your dream car?: idc
437. Do you think you're good looking?: no
438. Do others think you are good looking?: probably not
439. Would you ever sky dive?: NO
440. Do you believe in Bigfoot?: sure
441. How many rooms do you have in your house?: thirteen? i think
442. Are you afraid of roller coasters?: yes
443. Do you believe in God?: no
444. Do you believe in Satan?: no
445. Do you believe there is a heaven?: no
446. Do you believe there is a hell?: no
447. Do you own a pool table?: no
448. Do you have a pool?: no
449. Do you have a dishwasher in your kitchen?: yes
450. Do you like chocolate?: yeah
451. Who/what is on your 2011 calendar?: wtf that was seven years ago Damn
452. How many U.S.?: ... what. 50?
453. Ever wished on a shooting star?: yes
454. Best Halloween costume you ever wore?: pirate. or my white rabbit from alice in wonderland in uhhh 2016
455. Do you carry any weapons on you?: pocket knife
456. What is your weakness?: Everything
457. Name something you can't get enough of: idk
458. Describe yourself in 3 adjectives: quiet, weird, absent
459. How many kids do you want to have?: none
460. Future daughters names: n/a
461. Future sons names: n/a
462. What is your ideal way to die?: i'd like to die in my sleep or when i'm not expecting it lmao. peacefully and unaware
463. How do you release stress?: cry. bite nails. really unhealthy mechanisms

464. Are you a trendy person?: no
465. Are you an artistic person?: i try
466. Are you a realistic person?: more pessimistic than realistic but mostly
467. Do you un-tie your shoes every time you take them off?: i don't wear laced shoes
468. Are you a strong person?: no
469. Are you a strong willed person?: uhh idk
470. Who is the last person to e-mail you?: snagajob because i'm trying to find a job lmfao blease
471. Who is the last person to IM you?: charlotte
472. Do you hate chain e-mails?: those aren't even around anymore
473. Are you a deep sleeper?: very. i'm thankful for it
474. Are you a good story teller?: no
475. What do you believe is your best quality?: i can empathize really well with people
476. What is your greatest accomplishment?: i'm great at sharpshooting and one time we went skeet-shooting for gym (yes guys in america they let sixth graders shoot guns in PE) and i hit the target in the air both times and i was pretty proud. that's not my greatest accomplishment but i'm still proud
477. Do you like to burn candles or incense?: i like candles but i can't burn them in my room anymore because i have a bird
478. Do you do yoga?: no
479. Do you have your own credit card?: no
480. Let's say you win the lotto. What do you do with all that money?: save it
481. Do you have a check book?: no
482. Do you like your driver's license picture?: I HATE IT
484. What color is your hair naturally?: blonde
485. How many fillings do you have?: a lot
486. How many cavities did you have at your last dentist visit?: idk but probably a lot
487. Worst feeling in the world?: freaking out and wanting to die in a depressive episode
488. Best feeling in the world?: being loved back by the person you love
489. Is the glass half empty or half full?: it's half something
490. Last thing you downloaded?: uhh some ref picture
491. Do you catch yourself using online terms in your real life?: no but i do think of them in my head sometimes
492. What do you think people think of you?: trash man
493. Are you a likeable person?: idk
494. Do you need therapy?: YEAH
495. Do you take medication for a chemical imbalance?: no but i fuckin should
496. What the best way to be proposed to?: idk but maybe not something grand out in public unless you know they'll say yes
497. What kind of movie would you star in?: idk
498. If Fed Ex and UPS were to merge, would they call it Fed UP?: yes
499. What are you thinking?: my stomach hurts
500. What's your favorite phrase?: idk
i'm going through a pretty rough patch right now so i want to write out a list of life goals for myself
these are all long-term and won't happen for a very long time but it's nice to set them out anyway

- get a degree in psychology, eventually become either a psychiatrist or criminal profiler (probably psychiatrist, be able to work on my own hours)
- own lots of land in a mountainy/foresty area (perhaps washington state?). house size doesn't matter, only land
- get to the point where i am able to work from home, either having my office there or running a small business (small shop that sells soaps, candles, etc. doubling as a bakery)
- be a house-spouse. i like cooking, cleaning, taking care of animals... i'd rather stay home and take care of the house/land/animals
- have a small farm. raise a flock of chickens and a few goats for eggs, milk, cheese
- have a fair-sized garden i can live off of
- write a book
- own a cockatoo
- travel to egypt
- travel to kenya, see maasai mara
- become a vegetarian
- get successful enough to the point where i can live off my land and farm
- marry someone i love
sorry this is really the first chance i've had to get on dA since monday! Ivyycaine has been here, she flew in on monday afternoon, and i can't speak for her but i've been having a great time! she's going to be here until the 7th so i probably won't be very active until then!

-Did you change at all this year?
A lot, I think.

-Did you dye your hair? 
Yeah, at least four separate times!

-Did you get your hair cut
Just a couple of trims. 

-Did you get good grades? 

-Did you drive? 
Yeah, I got my license this year.

-Did you move at all? 

-Did you go on any vacations? 
Yeah, went to Chicago in April to see Hamilton, and went to Oregon over the summer. <3


-Did you meet any new friends this year?
Yeah! I met Cillian and Hod this year!

-Did any of your friendships end? 
Sorta. It was already over, I just cut her off for good.

-Did you dislike anyone? 
Not anyone new?

-Did you make any new enemies? 

-Did you resolve any fights? 
Nope, but I didn't really have any, so.

-Who was your closest friend? 
Idk. Pod has been a good pal. I feel like I got pretty close with Cillian and Hod, too!

-Did you grow apart from anyone? 
Yeah, sadly... 

-Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships? 
No, not really!

-Have you had your birthday yet? 
Yeah lol, September 19th.

-Pulled an all nighter?  
Jesus I haven't been able to stay up past 4 AM anymore gdjkfhjgdg.

-Drank Starbucks? 
Once or twice.

-Bought something(s)? 
Yeah, I bought some stuff. Bought a bird. And some other things.

-Met someone special who changed your life? 
Heck yea.


-What are you thinking about? 
What I'm going to do with Jenna when she gets here...

-Would you get married if you could right now? 
Heeell nooooo.

-How did you feel when you woke up today? 
Pretty sluggish. 

-Are you good at hiding your feelings? 
It depends. Usually I am, but not always.

-Have you ever had a really big fight with a best friend? 
I mean... no?

-Do you like to have long hair or short hair? 

-Would you be able to tell someone you love them, even if you didn't feel it?
I'd be able to but I wouldn't feel good about it.

-Which of your friends do you argue with the most? 
I don't argue with any of my friends.

-How many texts are in your inbox? 

-Who was your last text message from? 

-Who was the last person you rode in a car with? 
Josh, to go pick up pizza.

-Who took your profile picture?
Jenna made my dA one, I took my Facebook one.

-Would you rather smile over a lie or cry over the truth? 

-What’s on your bedroom floor right now? 
Earbuds and some leftover Christmas stuff.

-Do you trust people too easily? 

-Are you satisfied with what you currently have in life? 
For the most part, yeah. It's weird but I feel like something's missing ever since Link died. It's probably just because it was so soon but... it does feel like something is missing. Idk.

-Last thing you ate? 
An orange.

-How many people are you texting? 
None right now.

-Will you be in bed within twenty minutes? 
Nahhh I'm playing Fallout.

-What is the last non-alcoholic beverage you had? 

have ya'll seen Twisted, the musical by StarKid?
i've seen most of their other musicals but for some reason i haven't watched this one fully until tonight and
i was blown away tbh??
their take on aladdin was so damn creepy and unnerving, the general story was emotional, the songs were all good, jafar was such a lovable character, and the ending?? i was in tears??
usually the success of their musicals is based mostly on their comedy, i feel, but this one definitely had more than just comedy going for it

okay i'm done. musicals are underrated in general but this one is great. here it is if you have 2 hours of time and wanna watch it;
my only restrictions are;

- must be at least semi-literate (a paragraph minimum)
- can be about humans or animals (i'm really in the mood for some big cat/africa setting type roleplay?? but that's among many interests)
- i'm a minor so i will not be doing 18+ sexual roleplays soz
- only 1x1 or verrry small groups (like, three people at most)

i want to try again because it's been so long and i miss it. idk what kind of plots to do or anything i don't have much rn! but if you have any ideas hmuuu
this is meant to be a lowkey, fun roleplay, nothing that will be stressful to respond to. oof i miss roleplay and i wanna do it again!!!
♡ Place in society
Financial: wealthy / moderate / poor / in poverty 
Medical: fit moderate / sickly / disabled / disadvantaged
Class or caste: upper / middle working / slave / unsure
Education: qualified / unqualified / studying
Criminal record: yes, for major crimes / yes, for minor crimes / no

♡ Family
Married - happily / married - unhappily / engaged / partnered / single / divorced / separated / its complicated
Has a child or children / has no children / wants children
Close with sibling(s) / not close with sibling(s) / has no siblings / sibling(s) deceased
Orphaned / adopted / disowned / raised by birth parent(s)

♡ Traits + tendencies
Extroverted / introverted / in between
Disorganized / organized / in between
Close minded / open-minded / in between
Calm / anxious / in between 
Disagreeable / agreeable / in between
Cautious / reckless in between
Patient / impatient / in between
Outspoken / reserved / in between
Leader / follower / in between
Empathetic / unempathetic / in between
Optimistic / pessimistic / realist 
Traditional / modern / in between
Hard-working / lazy / in between
Cultured / uncultured / in between 
Loyal / disloyal / unknown
Faithful / unfaithful / unknown (idk what context this is?)

♡ Beliefs
Monotheist / polytheist / atheist / agnostic 
Belief in ghosts or spirits: yes / no / don’t know / don’t care
Belief in an afterlife: yes / no / don’t know / don’t care 
Belief in reincarnation: yes / no / don’t know / don’t care
Belief in aliens: yes / no / don’t know / don’t care
Religious: orthodox / liberal / in between / not religious
Philosophical: yes / no / don't care 

♡ Opinions
Pro-suicide / anti-suicide / doesn’t know or on the fence 
Pro-euthanasia / anti-euthanasia / doesn’t know or on the fence 
Pro-choice / anti-abortion / doesn’t know or on the fence
Pro-marriage / anti-marriage / doesn’t know or on the fence 
Pro-death penalty / anti-death penalty / doesn’t know or on the fence 
Pro-drug legislation / anti-drug legislation / doesn’t know or on the fence 
Pro-murder / anti-murder / doesn’t know or on the fence 
Pro-cannibalism / anti-cannibalism / doesn’t know or on the fence

♡ Sexuality + romantic inclination
Heterosexual / homosexual / bisexual / asexual / pansexual 
Sex repulsed / sex neutral / sex favourable
Romance repulsed / romance neutral / romance favourable (i like romance but i have intimacy issues so like... idk)
Sexually: adventurous / experienced / naive / inexperienced / curious 
Potential sexual partners: male / female / agender / other / none 
Potential romantic partners: male / female / agender / other / none  

♡ Abilities
Combat skills: excellent / good / moderate / poor / none 
Literacy skills: excellent / good / moderate / poor / none
Artistic skills: excellent / good / moderate / poor / none 
Technical skills: excellent / good / moderate / poor / none

♡ Habits
Drinking alcohol: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess 
Smoking: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess
Other narcotics: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess
Medicinal drugs: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess 
Indulgent food: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess
Splurge spending: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess
Gambling: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess 

♡ 1. Movies 
Comedy or action? 
Romance or horror
Adventure or drama?  
Historical or musicals?
Sci-fi or westerns? 

♡ 2. Food
Tea or coffee?
Cake or pie?
Fruit or vegetables
Sweet or spicy?
Cereal or oatmeal?
Bagels or cookies? 
Sandwich or pizza

♡ 3. Nature
Early bird or night owl
Summer or winter? 
City or countryside?
Cats or dogs? 
Hiking or swimming? 
Forest or meadow?

♡ 4. Misc.
Hugs or kisses?
Books or movies?
Shorts or long pants?
Monopoly or Sorry? 
Comic books or novels
Showers or baths? 
Chess or checkers? 
Hip-Hop or classical music?
yesterday we had the worst storm I've seen in... at least the last five years. definitely at least one of the top three worst storms I've witnessed in my life (that I can remember). it knocked over an entire tree in our backyard (which took out my favorite bush, we may be able to save it though) that was scarily close to our house, ripped up several plants we just spent a while planting a couple of weeks ago, and ripped out several limbs of the trees and now they're all scattered around the yard. it also snapped quite a few power lines and snapped a telephone pole in half so we were without power for a good several hours (about 9 or 10) yesterday. I just ended up playing dungeons & dragons with my brother and his boyfriend in the candlelit darkness for five hours. it was actually really fun, it helped pass the time really well?? and then about ten minutes after we decided to pause our campaign (abt 2:20) the power came back on. so that was chill.

I was also watching a movie w @/homiecidal before the power went out and I was like "oh shit there's a bad storm here" and then just kinda had to leave lmaO.
I wanted to talk more about my second gen Dragon Age characters so let's do it man. Let's do it. I cheated a lil and put more than 8 on some... most of them.
(You guys wanted to learn more about my characters. :'u)
sorry charlotte most of this is stuff u already know :^( i added in sum new stuff for u tho!!

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character. (wooops)
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Cailan Theirin-Cousland (son of Camille & Alistair)
  • 1. Cailan was planned to be the heir to the throne for most of his life. Despite his identical twin brother, Nathaniel, being born first, Cailan always wanted to be king, while Nathaniel didn't, so it worked out well for them both. 
  • 2. Unfortunately, things didn't really work out the way they had been planned. Cailan fell in love with not one, but two, people who could not rule at his side, and he knew it would cause a scandal if it were to get out. Though he was unhappy with it, Nathaniel cast aside his distaste at becoming king in order for Cailan to be happy. While Cailan was disappointed that he was not going to become king, he was much happier with his lovers.
  • 3. Yes, loversplural. Cailan first started dating a childhood friend of his, an elven boy named Enasal, when he was around fifteen years old. A polyamorous relationship was developed when Enasal also began dating a close mutual friend of theirs, a qunari girl named Asaara. Overtime, Cailan and Asaara also fell in love -- and it all worked out.
  • 4. Cailan is actually really squeamish and easily creeped out by scary stories. He often has to remind Enasal, who is a necromancer, to stop bringing back dead animals. It scares the hell out of him!
  • 5. He also has a bit of a flare for the dramatic, much to the chagrin of his friends. 
  • 6. Probably Cailan's favorite pastime is playing the piano with his mother and brother. Camille taught Cailan and Nathaniel how to play piano from a young age, and it was something they grew up doing as a method of calming themselves down or, really, just for fun!
  • 7. He knocks the ladies dead with his smile, along with his bro. They swear it's an accident -- really. (;
  • 8. He's a pure boy. I'm serious. He deserves the entire world handed to him on a silver platter. He is the sweetest, friendliest, most genuine, man you will ever meet. Give him hugs. He's totally up for that.
  • 9. He has a red tattoo of a dragon on his right arm. It's used to distinguish him from his brother by his friends, who were tired of the pranks based on appearance. Nathaniel has a tattoo of a black dragon on his left arm. Neither of them wanted the dog tattoo, which is quite contrary to the beliefs of Fereldans, so... they both decided to get dragons.
  • 10. From the get-go, one of the main reasons Cailan wanted to be king was so that he could bring equality and less prejudice to Ferelden. I mean... the adoring subjects was an added bonus. But the most important part to him was bringing equality, and so he was less upset when he knew that he could still change the world. It was... just that Nathaniel would get all of the credit for it. Oh well. As long as the world changed for the better... right? Right? :c
  • 11. He loves the colors red and gold... and knows he looks gr8 in them.
  • 12. Also, he really can't wait to take over his mother's dog-breeding hobby. He loves mabari, and he especially loves the puppies. He'd honestly probably just give them away for free instead of selling them. Free dogs for all of Denerim.

Enasal Lavellan (son of Isenril & Solas)
  • 1. Ena grew up resenting Solas, due to how his mother obsessed over finding him. Isenril was very bitter and angry, and Enasal often felt neglected or unloved because of her unhappiness and dissatisfaction. However, after his mother is killed in front of him during a wild goose chase, tracking down a rumor about Fen'Harel, his hatred subsides after he realized what it did to her. However, he takes it on as his personal responsibility to track down Fen'Harel, and get the answers his mother never got to have -- and more importantly, learn why his mother had to die for them.
  • 2. Despite Enasal's feelings, Isenril loved her son more than anything in the world, and he loved her equally. They were very close as he grew up, and when he lost his mother at just fourteen years of age, he was devastated and in a dark place for a long time.
  • 3. As a necromancer, he has a habit of bringing dead things back to life. He doesn't mean for it to happen, it just... sorta happens.
  • 4. Despite being the oldest in his poly relationship... he is the smallest. :u
  • 5. As kids, Enasal and Asaara got into massive fight due to multiple reasons, and their separation lasted months, which was hard on them both since they had always been close. Cailan, as a friend, came into the picture to comfort Ena after his mother died, and then he managed to bring him and Asaara back together as friends. Enasal and Cailan developed a romantic relationship, and, well... the rest really is history. (;
  • 6. Even though Enasal's real father left, Ena has a close relationship with Thoron (father of Asaara, and a good friend of his mother) and Cullen (father of two of his other friends). So... really, he's got two dads. This is not to mention Zevran, who Isenril is in a brief nearly-romantic relationship with before her sudden and untimely death. 
  • 7. He's susceptible to feeling lonely and estranged, as it was something that happened often as a kid due to his resemblance to Solas. This shows even in adulthood, which makes him prone to jealousy within his relationship with Cailan and Asaara. Oftentimes he views himself as the third wheel.
  • 8. Enasal is also asexual, which leads to feelings of guilt and inadequacy within his relationship. He feels as if he can not give them all they need, and eventually they will decide to cut him off because of this.
  • 9. Isenril, upon learning she was pregnant, began to starve herself and do reckless things in order to kill Enasal off while he was still in the womb. She did not want a child of Solas whatsoever, and when it became apparent that he was going to be born alive, she decided she would kill him upon birth. However, after seeing him for the first time, she immediately fell in love and felt remorse for ever wanting him dead. However, due to her mistreatment of herself while she was pregnant, Enasal was very malnourished at birth and Isenril began to become very worried that she would lose him. Despite this, he managed to pull through, and Isenril never regrets her choice to keep him alive.
  • 10. Enasal often forgets to eat, especially during his bouts of excitement, and he needs to be reminded very often by his friends to just take a moment and sustain himself. He's very restless at times, especially when confronted with a new idea or concept, and really needs them to remind him to take care of himself every once in a while. It's not that he's exhausted -- he's very happy and excited when he has new ideas -- but it's a horrible habit that he just hasn't been able to shake that he forgets to eat. He's sick a lot. :c
  • 11. He's often very cold and needs hugs from his warm boyfriend and girlfriend to keep his frail body from drifting away in the wind. (In all honesty, he is very scrawny and easily-cold -- again, needs to take better care of himself.)
  • 12. He is the son of Fen'Harel, or the Dread Wolf... hence the nickname, Dread Pup, which he detests. 
  • Bonus: These feelings are never shared... but sometimes... Enasal feels the temptation to join his father. Technically he's a demigod at this point, and there's always that question burning in the back of his mind... How would things be if he was with Fen'Harel?

Kinna Trevelyan-Rutherford (daughter of Valeria & Cullen)
  • 1. Growing up, Kinna was obsessed with finding "the one." She had a crush on all of her male friends at some point, even to the point of dating Nathaniel for a little bit and making a move on Cailan.
  • 2. She inherited super curly hair from her dad but she hates it and always puts it up in a braid-bun so no one can tell. She's very jealous of her little sister's straight hair.
  • 3. In fact, Kinna was so obsessed with finding the love of her life and having babies that she didn't really give a lot of thought to what she wanted to do for a career when she got older. There was a brief period, when she got older, where she just kind of free-fell, feeling lost with where she was in life. 
  • 4. Her favorite thing to do as a kid was climb trees with Asaara and Nathaniel. Asaara is her best friend and she always enjoyed hanging out with her and talking about boys... even if, well, Asaara was never really that into the discussions. (At least they could agree Cailan was a cutie. c; )
  • 5. As she got older, her hopeless romanticism took a darker, more dangerous turn -- it led to many abusive relationships with older men who began to take advantage of her. She tried everything to achieve actual love with them, but was left heartbroken at every turn. Asaara and Cailan formed a team to bring her self-esteem back and try to set her up with good people. Eventually, it all became clear when Kinna met Philos Hawke -- the adopted dwarven son of Marian Hawke. It was love at first sight for Kinna, and this time, she knew it was real.
  • 6. Kinna dreamed of the amount of children she would have, their genders, and their names, from a young age. She wanted, exactly, three girls, and two boys. Their names? Jaime and Leo (Leo... lion... Cullen, Lion of Honnleath) for the boys, and Mia (after her aunt), Sophia, and Cassandra (after her godmother). Of course, it's the luck of the draw -- but that was what she wanted.
  • 7. As it would happen, Kinna inherited her mother's low fertility and it was very difficult for her to conceive. She had doubts that she would ever be able to have more than one child.
  • 8. Kinna asked her little sister, when she gave birth to a son, to name him Leo, since that was the name Kinna always wanted to name one of her own sons. Elyssa, even though the child was one she never wanted, asked her then-husband, and they agreed to name him little Leo. Kinna rarely gets to see her nephew due to Elyssa and Lucian's relationship, but on the occasion that she does, she's always happy to see him.
  • 9. Philos is an amazing cook, and Kinna is an amazing baker -- and together they love to throw banquets for their friends. She will actually come up with random holidays, just to have an excuse to get all of her friends and family together so they can cook for them. She loves organizing parties!
  • 10. She knew her sister was gay literally as soon as she could talk, so it did come as an unsettling surprise when Elyssa married Lucian. Worried for Lyssa's happiness, Kinna -- despite her own problems at the time -- set out with Asaara to figure out what was going on, determined to help her sister find happiness. She didn't realize she was doing this vicariously, as she wasn't happy at all herself.
  • 11. Kinna always teased Elyssa about her crush on Asaara as a kid, but she didn't realize that it was actually love until... well, until it was too late. She realized that Elyssa was in love with Asaara the night that she got rejected, as she had never seen Elyssa so broken down before. They hugged and she comforted Elyssa for hours as she cried, feeling helpless and useless. Later, Elyssa met Lucian and began dating him soon after, and then they were engaged in a matter of months, so of course an alarm set off in Kinna's head that something was definitely not right, and that was when she began the campaign to help her sister.
  • 12. There was a period in her life, her lowest point, when she wanted to kill herself. Nobody ever learned of her suicidal thoughts during this time, and she never went through with them, but there was a very close period where she wanted to do it... It was shortly after Asaara had first discovered the bruises on her arms from abusive partners, and she worried that her best friend would tell her parents. Every time she thought of the looks on their faces when they would find out what she'd done... She was too ashamed, and too afraid, to face it. But the light eventually came in the form of her friends slowly teaching her that she was not dirty or broken.
  • 13. Kinna is usually a very happy, very bright, very extroverted, and very dramatic person. She's also very affectionate and touchy, relying on physical touch to relay a lot of her feelings to her friends. They know she means well, but sometimes... it is a little much. 
  • 14. Kinna regretfully believes that her poor fertility is a result of her "sinful" and "slutty" behavior when she was younger. She curses herself every day for it, and will sometimes still apologize to Philos for "acting like a common whore" when she was younger and lost. Because of her past behaviors, which she is still very ashamed of and finds to be repulsive and disgusting, she blames herself for their difficulty in conceiving a child. Though her self-worth does come back... she still is very ashamed of her past.
  • 15. Kinna also has pretty strong paranoia when it comes to Philos, and she often checks up several times a day to make sure she's doing... well, alright. For the first couple of years of their relationship, this is definitely prevalent and probably becomes quite an annoyance, but she means well. She dearly loves Philos and doesn't want to lose him, so she strives for perfection -- it just takes him reminding her that perfection is impossible, and he loves her anyway, for her to become more grounded and not caught up in how badly she might be doing.

Nathaniel Theirin-Cousland (son of Camille & Alistair)
  • 1. Nathaniel grew up under the belief that he would never have to rule; Cailan had that under control. So things were pretty relaxed... until, of course, it became apparent that Cailan would never be able to be happy ruling. Meanwhile, Nathaniel, who had fallen in love with a human named Sarah, would be able to marry her publicly without backlash, and she could be queen. It was obvious that Nathaniel should be king, if he could... just step into the position. It was scary for him, and he really did not want to do it, but he would do anything for his brother... and he did. 
  • 2. Nathaniel actually met Anora. It was he who convinced his parents that she was not a threat to them, as a matter of fact. He met her, and had a long conversation with her about what happened, about her father, Cailan's namesake, and why she was there... And it turned out that Anora had a soft spot for the boy. He introduced Cailan to her as well, and then made a case to his parents about why Anora was really no threat. He actually managed to convince them, and she was allowed a position on the royal court eventually to compensate for what was done. She, of course, remained bitter towards the monarchs, but she did like their children, and was able to put her bitter dislike for Alistair and Camille behind her in order to have a place in authority. Camille and Alistair were, of course, very wary at first to allow her to commune with their children, for fear she would try to manipulate them, but after a while it became clear that she had no negative intentions.
  • 3. He's in a bit of a rivalry with Enasal -- who's smarter? It's a never-ending battle for them both to see who comes out on top, and nobody dares share their opinion on it, for fear of starting a war. Those two will battle 'til the end, anyway, no matter what anyone says, so there's no point in trying to stop it. Not to mention Cailan loves to see his brother and boyfriend fight about who's smarter. Especially when he knows they're both brilliant.
  • 4. He takes up writing in an attempt to impress Sarah Hawke, the adopted daughter of the Champion of Kirkwall. He fell for the girl fairly fast, and tried to think of a million ways he could impress her. Unfortunately for him, she was able to see right through all of his attempts... that didn't mean they didn't work, though. ;D
  • 5. When he was a kid, Nathaniel ran away from home. The truth was that it wasn't anybody's fault, it was just that... Nathaniel often felt lonely. Much like Enasal, he felt estranged at times, like he didn't belong in the clique, and sometimes the pressures of being prince were big for his shoulders. He wasn't really good at carrying such a weight, even if his parents never pushed anything on him that he couldn't handle. Being a teenager, he was just caught up in a turmoil of emotions when he decided to run away from home. In fact, he boarded a ship to Kirkwall, and when he got there, he asked for directions to the Champion's house. He got there, and almost as soon as Marian saw him, she sent a letter straight to the hysterical monarchs of Ferelden, who were beyond worried for their son. Nathaniel was very hungry, and ended up wolfing down a bunch of food while he was there... and then he was very ashamed as he realized how upset his parents were, and also that he'd probably just eaten all of the food in the Hawke Manor. Camille was coming straight to Kirkwall to pick him up, and he feared for his own life. But... it wasn't all bad. He made new friends... more specifically, he was introduced to Sarah, who quickly became his best friend. And he developed a massive crush on her.
  • 6. He would often confide in his uncle, Marcus (well, his mother's cousin, really, but "Uncle Marcus" to him) when he was down. Marcus always seemed to know what to say, and he was very calm and wise. His parents... well, they were good, but he felt more comfortable talking to Marcus than to his own parents. They talked about many things, but especially Nathaniel's loneliness, up until the point where he ran away. Then, when he came back, suddenly there was less confiding. Nathaniel was... happier. It still happened every once and a while, and Nathaniel did come to him just to chat at times, but not many depressing topics came up after that, until it was determined that he was to be king. There was... a lot of counseling after that. But, still, all turned out okay. Nathaniel credits Marcus a lot to this day for helping him get through his childhood.
  • 7. There was a lot of question/controversy to his namesake due to Nathaniel Howe being the son of Rendon Howe, the traitor to the Couslands who caused so much agony when they burnt the estate down and slaughtered most of the family. When Nathaniel finally learned the truth about his namesake, and he asked Camille why she gave him the name, Camille answered that Nathaniel was her best friend when they were very young... And, for a while, she was very angry with him, and he with her, because they both did not know the other side of the story. But, they reunited due to fate, and they both were given a clearer understanding of what had occurred. They became friends again, and Camille felt the name appropriate for her son... She had also hoped it would lend more understanding to the remaining members of the Howe family, and restore their social status, as they had no idea of what their father was planning.
  • 8. Once, Nathaniel was kissed on the lips by Enasal, and Ena was... not gentle. After Nathaniel told him that he was not Cailan, Enasal was completely mortified. And they have never spoken of it since, not even just to each other. They are too bloody scared to mention it, and that is precisely why Cailan and Nathaniel have tattoos meant to distinguish them.
  • 9. Sarah claimed she loved hearing Nathaniel's voice, but of course he learned her sign language just so he could communicate with her quickly and understand her without pen and paper. He tries not to talk to her in sign language, though, as he knows she prefers for him to talk to her instead of hand movements. At least let him talk, if she cannot.
  • 10. Nathaniel also once met his namesake, who dropped by curiously when he heard the prince had his name. Nathaniel was quite young at the time, but he was excited to meet the person he was named after, and even if he was a bit... grumpy, they did get along. The Howe seemed in awe that the prince had been named after him, and he seemed very fond of the boys.